USIC, always with you.

We’ve been working tirelessly for over thirty years in order to ensure the safety, peace of mind, and wellbeing of all our customers providing them with fast, personalized service.

USIC, always with you
USIC, always with you

We keep our promise to always respond to you quickly and efficiently.  


Years of financial stability

Serving Puerto Rico with innovative products 


28 years with an A Excellent rating

Company rated A Excellent, Stable Outlook by A.M. Best



Catastrophic events handled from 2017 to present 


Employees of USIC

Committed to providing you excellent service

Surety Bonds

At USIC we offer you the bonds you need to carry out your project or formalize your contract.  

USIC - Regular Surety Bonds USIC - Regular Surety Bonds

We know the value of having a property. With us, you receive the backing you need. 

USIC - Personal USIC - Personal

We are the most efficient company when it comes to handling claims. Our promise is to respond to you quickly in hard times. At USIC, we are always with you. 

Claim center
Surety Bonds Surety Bonds
Marite Vázquez
Beneficiary of our Property Policy

My experience...... 14 years paying for insurance that I didn't know when I would need it or how it worked when making a claim. USIC exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your service and here we stay.

Marta G. Reyes
Beneficiary of our Property Policy

I have it, and they were diligent with my claim and disbursement. thank you for your service!

Yanima Figueroa
Beneficiary of our Property Policy

We decided to call USIC insurance company. As soon as we called and gave them all the information, they responded quickly. Knowing that you can rebuild everything feels reasuring.

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